SQL Server Temporal Tables in EF Core 6.0

SQL Server temporal tables automatically keep track of all data ever stored in a table, even after that data has been updated or deleted using a parallel history table. Using history table, we can query the historical data, or even we can restore them.

In .NET Conf 2021-Pakistan I have talked about using SQL Server Temporal Tables in EF Core 6.0. During this session I have talked about:

  • What is SQL Server Temporal Table?
  • Configuring a temporal table
  • Using temporal tables
  • Querying historical data
  • Restoring historical data

You can watch this talk in .NET Conf 2021-Pakistan via YouTube.

You can also get access to this session’s source code via GitHub at: https://github.com/VahidFarahmandian/efcore6-sql-temporal-tables



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