Looking at Dapper with Jinget

Vahid Farahmandian
1 min readJul 26, 2022

Vahid Farahmandian returns to the panel to show us more of his domain-driven design framework, Jinget! This time, he’ll show us how Jinget facilitates working with Dapper by translating expressions to T-SQL queries.

Jinget is a framework written using .NetStandard2.1, and built using DDD+CQRS. Jinget boosts your productivity by providing robust infrastructure for source codes. Currently Jinget provides the following benefits:

  • Easy to config data access layer using Entity Framework Core and Dapper
  • Communicating with external services and web APIs(SOAP, Restful and gRPC services)
  • Logging requests and responses into various destinations such as File, SQL Server database or Elasticsearch
  • Robust infrastructure for authentication and authorization mechanisms
  • Versioning and tracing entities
  • Extensive collection of functionalities useful for different projects such as numerous extension methods, helpers, converters and dynamic code providers
  • Easy to run health check infrastructure for different types of resources such as server availability, database health, web service/API’s health etc.
  • Auto injected security considerations based on OWASP Top 10

You can watch this talk at Microsoft On .NET Live TV via YouTube:

You can access Jinget.Core source code via GitHub at: https://github.com/VahidFarahmandian/Jinget

You can also download Jinget.Core package using NuGet: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Jinget.Core