Connect to Elasticsearch using Azure DevOps Pipeline Extensions

Vahid Farahmandian
1 min readOct 30, 2021


Extensions are add-ons you can use to customize and extend your DevOps experience with Azure DevOps. Extensions use Azure DevOps’s RESTful API Library to easily interact with Azure DevOps and applications/services.

In Azure Community Conference 2021, I have talked about connecting to Elasticsearch using Azure DevOps pipeline extensions. In this session, I have talked about:

  • What are Extensions? What extensions are, what is the different categories of extensions in Azure DevOps and what do the extensions made up from?
  • Azure DevOps Extensions: What are the different extension types in Azure DevOps?
  • Connect to Elasticsearch using Postman: How we can talk with Elasticsearch using it’s Rest API interface?
  • Azure DevOps + PowerShell + Elasticsearch: How we can connect to Elasticsearch using PowerShell codes? How we can create an extension using ps1 file? what are the extension manifest and task.json files?

You can access this session presentation files and also the source codes using my GitHub account: VahidFarahmandian/azconf2021 (

Watch my Azure Community Conference 2021 session: